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It’s almost impossible to conduct business today without the aid of information technology. Our clients may be from different industries (mortgage, law, real estate, medical practice, etc.), but all of them have one thing in common – a dependence on computers and networking. They all realize and reap the benefits that information technology solutions provide to them in today's inter-connected world.

Some of the common IT services that modern businesses utilize include: email, electronic data file storage and sharing, firewall and intrusion protection, internet connection sharing, centralized printing and imaging, and anti-virus solutions. Nine out of ten businesses we deal with have at least one business-specific software application running on their network. These are often business critical applications that support day-to-day operations. More often than not, these applications have an integral database, either on a local server or in the cloud, for their business data. Adi IT Works designs, recommends, deploys and maintains all of these common IT services… and, most importantly, IT Works!

Today's companies care deeply about their customer information and seek to safeguard their intellectual data. They want a network both secure and stable. One which keeps potential intruders at bay while also giving local staff both ease of use and functionality. Today’s companies need back-up systems. Many are now establishing Disaster Recovery Plans to ensure business continuity in the case of a catastrophic event, such as an earthquake, fire, or flood, or some other significant business disruption. Adi IT Works can help you.

Of course business owners recognize the benefits of IT technology, but most either don’t have the time or just feel intimidated by the maze of so many product and service offerings that flood the market. Adi IT Works can sort it out with you.

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In my 15 years working in the IT industry, I have seen many wise businessmen budget for expensive new servers, networks, and software without fully realizing the costs of implementation and upkeep. Or worse, what they just received was only an off-the-shelf technology “solution.” Sometimes, not all of the features may have been implemented and full advantage was not taken of the function-rich business software or hardware tool that was acquired. You obviously know your business very well, but can be difficult to understand and navigate the peculiarities and intricacies with all the “bells and whistles” in that server, database, application or firewall appliance you just purchased. Modern Microsoft solutions have built-in intelligence to support almost any business function you can think of – so take advantage of it – with Adi IT Works.

The majority of IT companies which support small businesses seem to have no problem skipping the implementation of these robust features. They charge you the same, but have mostly only entry level engineers without much experience. Higher level expertise coupled with real-world experience is required to make these things work and to understand the ongoing support that will be needed as your business needs grow and change. No technology solution is beneficial unless the people who actually use it are comfortable with it. Essential user training to ensure understanding of new functions is often omitted by the one-size fits all IT consultants. Adi IT Works understands this and will make sure you get the full value of your IT investment.

Adi IT Works is flexible and is able to marry the line between your technology ambitions and your willingness to invest in your IT infrastructure. Adi IT Works will help you to evaluate and create solutions that you are comfortable with and which will benefit your business.

Our service methodology is simple: IT Works. Based on years of experience working with each product that is implemented and/or supported, our customers get the most powerful technology tools available for their business. These solutions are engineered and maintained according to the best industry practices, ensuring maximum reliability and the highest possible uptime. Propelled by strong technical expertise and experience, the new solutions are deployed quickly and efficiently. Support for your existing environment is delivered in the shortest amount of time possible, ensuring minimal cost for our customers while maximizing your technology’s power.

Adi IT Works wants to help your business grow, bringing and empowering the information technology solutions that you want and need.

What We Do

CONSULTING - Adi IT Works will listen to you to understand your problem, suggest and evaluate measures, and then deliver a solution.
SUPPORT - We fix broken things, we make networks safe and secure and, most importantly, we make IT work.
IMPLEMENTATION - Adi IT Works offers a wide array of IT solutions which are implemented on a project basis.
DESIGN - Web design, graphics design, UI design and internet marketing are among our new services.


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