Adi IT Works provides consulting, implementation and on-going support for small and mid-sized businesses in the Greater San Diego area.


Isn’t it great when it all works and runs smoothly? Unfortunately, there are times when things do not completely cooperate or simply cease to function altogether. Downtime is costly and your professional reputation may be at stake. Adi IT Works will come to the rescue! We will quickly troubleshoot your problem and implement a solution.
Your servers, computers and network hardware; your operating systems and core applications can become outdated and obsolete. They need to be periodically reviewed and serviced and sometimes upgraded. Adi IT Works will help. Other times the solutions you currently have become inadequate to meet the needs of your company. Your company may have grown or changed its business focus. Adi IT Works will listen first to understand your problem, then suggest and evaluate different measures in order to deliver an appropriate solution.


Adi IT Works provides implementation services for a wide array of IT solutions (see Supported Technologies). These solutions are typically implemented on a ‘by project’ basis. Upon evaluation of a customer's needs, Adi IT Works will provide you with a Statement Of Work that will include a detailed proposal describing the work to be done, specifying a timeline for delivery and the cost. The ultimate goal is to deliver IT solutions on time at a predictable price – all of which is identified before work is started.

On-going Support

You realize the benefit of technology but maybe you find yourself overwhelmed (or bored) by its complexity. You can’t quite afford one more person on the payroll and need help. Adi IT Works will assist.
Adi IT Works can quickly step in and carry your technological burden. This can be accomplished with a surprisingly small amount of support time - as little as 8 hours per month. The factors which typically affect the engagement time are the current state and quality of your IT infrastructure and the number of people in your organization.
Adi IT Works will understand what your specific needs are. We will address the immediate short falls and put a long term plan together to ensure a stable and secure environment. Adi IT Works endeavors to create a long term relationship in which all your IT needs are known, we help you prevent problems, we fix broken things, we make it safe and secure, and most importantly, we make IT Work.

Adi IT Works. We specialize in the “making it work” part.

What We Do

CONSULTING - Adi IT Works will listen to you to understand your problem, suggest and evaluate measures, and then deliver a solution.
SUPPORT - We fix broken things, we make networks safe and secure and, most importantly, we make IT work.
IMPLEMENTATION - Adi IT Works offers a wide array of IT solutions which are implemented on a project basis.
DESIGN - Web design, graphics design, UI design and internet marketing are among our new services.


Adi IT Works

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